Моды для Commandos 3 v1.42

Commandos 3 v1.42

Исправленные баги:
- The game would sometimes crash when either a Commando or Allied Soldier tried to enter a vehicle when seen by a guard dog.

- In the load/save menus some key sequences were causing the game to freeze and the music to loop.

- Some tool tips of 1 character length were not being drawn. It was most noticeable in the Asian (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) versions.

- Players were able to call themselves 'EMPTY', making it difficult for other players to know who's who both in character selection and in the game.

- In the Central Europe Mission "Ambush Convoy", the armoured vehicles were stopping when they detected a Commando or Allied Soldier; this prevented the art trucks from entering the map when it happened near the western border. Now they will remember their true objective, and will try to escape even if they see an allied unit.

- The timer in some missions was over-running the objectives window, making it difficult to read the objectives.

- In missions such as "Stalingrad: Berlin", the tool tips for some Gestapo soldiers were not showing as "GESTAPO" but "SOLDIER", which would be confusing because it appeared that soldiers of lesser ranks could see through a higher ranking officers uniform when worn by the spy.

- Now every "Gestapo" soldier tool tip will be displayed correctly.

- When a crash occurs the profiles would frequently be wiped out and the saved games could not be read.

- The F6 key inconsistency has been addressed. During the "Normandy: Omaha Beach" mission, the F6 key (when pressed), wouldn't highlight any of the Allied Soldiers.

- When using a submachine gun, the bullets were sometimes hitting enemies in a different room, and were not hitting enemies in the right one.

- When the following action was carried out (while climbing a ladder, interrupt the action) it would Sometimes cause the controlled characters to crawl at twice the normal speed.

- It was possible to exceed the amount of pages used for saves/load files.

- During the "Stalingrad: Protect The General" mission, if at least one of the Commandos was already inside the plane, and all the others were killed outside, the "Mission Complete" text was triggered as if the mission was correctly finished.

- An issue would occur during a multiplayer game using Allied Troops they, could be ordered to dive into the water, although they are not intended to do so. They are then not able to resurface,and quickly drown.

- Text corrections have been made in the Polish, Russian and Czech versions.

- An issue with killing or stunning some soldiers who were sitting in a chair has been addressed.

- During the Central Europe mission "Steal the Train", the Thief would warp to a mismatching location when entering through certain windows of a train carriage.
- Players crashing sometimes from chat room when players were being kicked from a game.

- Occasionally when a co-op game is created, someone would be kicked on the 'Configure Game' screen once a game was started by the host.

- Once in-game, if the game statistics were activated, this would sometimes cause the game to crash back to the desktop.

- Characters were able to move before recovering from being knocked out.

- When restarting a multiplayer game, sometimes some characters were shown as dead, although they were alive.

- Users could not see other peoples chat depending on the order in which they joined the server.

- When showing multiplayer scores, the names were not matching the colors and score.

- Multiplayer chat function was overflowing in some menus.

3 дек. 2003 г.

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