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1. RELEASE NOTES  1.1 - GIANTS 1.4 UPDATE There were several beta versions made between 1.1 and the current 1.4.  Below is a list of most of those changes and additions affecting the 1.1 version.

*Compatibility - VERY IMPORTANT: This patch (and every future patch of Giants) will require DirectX 8.0 or later to be installed on your system.  You can install DirectX 8.0 from the Giants CD, or download it from microsoft.com. - Bumpmapping should now be enabled for the NEC Kryo and there should also be a slight performance increase on this video card.  These changes affect the Kryo only. - Fixed a graphics driver problem that will give some video cards a slight performance increase.

*General Issues - Fixed a bug where the reaper could not build turrets on a tower that was over deep water. - Fixed Kabuto throwing bug where if the throw button was held down, he would not throw the object. - The patch installer for this version removes the MPlayer links that are related to Giants.  A link to GameSpy Arcade is added.  Also, the patch installer offers to install GameSpy Arcade. - Fixed a potential bug that would cause the camera to get "stuck" in baseview, and the player could not exit baseview by hitting ESC or clicking the "Back" button. - Mouse sensitivity is now configurable via the game menus (keymapping options), as well as via the command-line parameter.  The command-line setting overrides the menu setting. - The in-game chat system is better, allowing longer messages.  Also, the HOME, END, INSERT, DELETE, and arrow keys work in the chat edit box as expected. - Fixed a problem where Model Detail setting was not being saved correctly.  A side effect of this fix may be that Model Detail will be set to "Low".  If you make sure to set it to the correct setting for your machine and desired framerate, it will use that setting from then on. - Fixed a problem that would cause the player to exit a gift shoppe from the wrong exit. - Editing abilities and debug invincibility have been removed from the game.  We are mainly concerned with players cheating during multiplayer games.  Having said that, we may find a way in the future to allow the player to access the editor for single player levels as an unsupported feature. - Game now saves/restores invert mouse option and lod option settings - Keyboard "Enter" can now be mapped easily to an action

*Multiplayer Major Issues - A bug involving incorrect names being displayed has been fixed.  This had a chance of occurring if a player leaves the game and another player immediately joins. - Due to popular demand, there are now two new Game Team settings: Mecc vs Kabuto and Reaper vs Kabuto.  These 2-team games will take place on the 3-way islands, and will disallow Reapers or Meccs, respectively. - Kabuto now gets 1/5 the normal score for killing a Mecc or Reaper. - In Capture The Smartie games, team scores now reflect the number of smartie captures the team has made, rather than the team's combined kills.  In addition, the player who performs the capture receives the Points Per Capture score added to his or her personal score. In normal deathmatch games, scoring has been unchanged (except for the Kabuto change above). - The dedicated server tool should now work across all Windows operating systems. - Weapon and party house item availability is now adjustable by the host in a multiplayer game.  This enables the host to block certain weapons, spells, or partyhouse items from being available in the game.  This can be set either by the dedicated server tool GUI, or on the command line.  See readme_dedicated.txt for details. - Fixed a lockup bug that would happen when a player tried to enter a gyrocopter in a high-lag situation. - Fixed a bug that would cause Kabuto to fly around randomly in a high-lag, high-packetloss situation.  - Death messages are now much more varied and interesting. - Added a dedicated server mode to Giants.  This mode requires the use of a Windows tool that came with this patch, Dedicated.exe, which creates a sequence of levels and options to run on a Giants server.  You can launch the game from the tool, or use the "-dedicated filename.gdf" command-line parameter of giants.exe. Read "readme_dedicated.txt" that came with this patch for details on the tool. - Giants now supports two additional multiplayer game types: "Defend the Base" and "Defend Base with Smartie Capture".  In these game types, which are join-anytime games, the Meccs and Reapers start with fully built bases, but the base buildings can be destroyed (and repaired).  Note that Kabuto is allowed to play in these game types. - Fixed synchronization problems with base items.  This was causing joiners to crash just before they entered game and other issues like seeing gyropads that aren't there, not seeing gyropads that are there, having multiple gyropads, etc. - Changing the max players while in a game now works better. - Fixed a resource leak when firing certain weapons.  This should help performance in longer lasting games. - Fixed a crash bug involving casting the slow follow spell while you have a the homing bow locked onto the same target. - Fixed rare audio crash with ambient sounds.

*Multiplayer Minor Issues - When changing settings on the "Multiplayer Settings and Options" screen, if a change to the game type or game teams invalidates another setting, the other setting will choose a valid default rather than choosing "None" or "???". - Players who join a game after the host is already in the game will enter the game as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the Join button to be pressed. - Turrets now fire at Reapers riding reaperskis. - There are now different messages for when players leave the game depending on whether they left on purpose or lost their connection somehow. - Reapers can no longer cast spells while in Kabuto's hand or after being thrown by Kabuto. - Reaper can no longer use cloak spell if she is carrying the enemy flag. - Changed the staging screen so that the host may start the game before everyone in the game has finished loading.  This is true for "join-anytime" games only. - Fixed a late-joiner issue regarding bases that may have been causing synchronization problems. - Fixed a problem where turrets would explode when the host player changed teams. - Fixed a small problem with the camera on a reaperski in a multiplayer game. - Fixed a potential problem with gyrocopters falling out of sync. - Slightly changed how scoring works for turrets.  Now, being killed by a turret will count as a team kill for the team who built the turret.  Note that no single player gets points for turret kills. - Fixed reaper turbo map mode cheat. - Fixed reaper turbo jumping cheat. - Fixed reaperski instant kill while turboing. - Prevented projectiles from lingering after the player that fired them leaves the game. - Removed 3-way game restrictions. Can now have more than 9 players and they can all be meccs if you want. However, still only 1 Kabuto is allowed. - Fixed a bug where meccs would become oversized due to reaper shrinking. - Reaper Powerup bow will now target kabuto offspring. - Casting smartie grab and slow follow spells on smarties at the pub now works properly. - Reaper can no longer use teleport spell to teleport inside objects. - Reaper can no longer cast follow spell on smartie in the bubble she is carrying. - Reaperski powerups won't respawn if their associated pier is destroyed. - Giants now is more careful about selecting network connection types.  TCP/IP connection types associated with DirectPlay should always be used now.   * Various other minor fixes across the board.

22 мар. 2001 г.

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