Моды для IL-2 Forgotten Battles 1.21

IL-2 Forgotten Battles 1.21

The current version (1.21) is not compatible with the previous versions of the
game when playing via network. Both the server and client must have appropriate
versions of the game (1.21) in order to connect.

Notes on the Patch Installation

This patch (1.21) may be installed over the previous versions 1.0 or 1.11.

New Positions

New Aircraft


- P-51D-5
- Ki-84-1a
- A6M5a


- C-47
- B-17G

- The first production series P-51D-5 were delivered without the dorsal fin
fillet. However, most aircraft had the fillet retro-fitted with a field modification
kit. We have modelled the aircraft with the fillet. This will ensure skin compatibility
with other D model variants. Also, in FB source code current limitation prevents
us from replicating the real world P-51 fuel system.
- National markings on the fuselage of the Boeing B-17 needed to be moved forward
due to position of the gun windows and due to the present aircraft coding system.

- A6M5 - the game models the version for the land-based runways.

New ground models

Willis MB Jeep - US
Willis MBt Jeep - US
Willis MBtc Jeep - US
M16 self-propelled AAA
Chevrolet truck
Chevrolet ambulance
Chevrolet radio truck
Diamond T 5-ton truck
Pup tent
Pyramidal tent
Command tent
Pole with wires
Pole no wires
Bunker - small caliber guns
Bunker -large caliber guns
Bunker Elevated -large caliber guns
Omaha Beach Bunker
Observation Bunker
Sandbags - Round
Sandbags - Wall
Caen Castle
Chateau - Small

New ships

Destroyer type 7/1944

These ships are made for the use on European maps for creation of new missions.
Ex.: Destroyer type 7/1944 is intended to be used for the allied forces and
M-Boat - for Germany.

New Maps:

Normandy1 - Large historical map based on the Normandy coast and Northern France.
Pre-Invasion state.
Normandy2 - Large map based on Normandy and Northern France, with a non-historical
Allied base off the French coast.
Normandy3 - Large historical map based on the Normandy coast and Northern France.
Post-Invasion state with 18 temporary Allied strips.
Ardennes Summer - Non-historical medium sized summer map for online and offline
play, loosely based on the Ardennes region.
Ardennes Winter - Non-historical medium sized winter map for online and offline
play, loosely based on the Ardennes region.
Online8Islands - non-historical map featuring a "Pacific Theater"
locale for online gameplay. Can also be used for user-made single missions and
short campaigns.


Changes and fixes in graphics: Perfect mode

- More realistic render of the water.
- Tuned the shades of the sea water.
- Eliminated chroma error of the water on ATI video cards (with disabled subtitles).

- Removed sun reflection artifacts on NVidia video cards with S3TC enabled.

- Improved visual appearance of the trees.
- Added an option to place better looking 3D trees in the towns and villages.

For the new trees to render it is required that: you video card has no less
than 128 Mb of RAM, and BIOS AGP memory (Aperture Size) set to no less than
128 Mb. Recommeded video cards for the option are GeForce 4, GeForce 5600 and
newer, ATI Radeon 9700 and newer.
To see the new trees in towns:
Make sure you're running the game in 'Perfect' mode. In the 'conf.ini' file,
in the section '[Render_OpenGL]' change the following line:
Forest = 2
Forest = 3
To disable the trees and return back to normal appearance, change the parameter
back to 2.
The option is released in test mode. We're expecting video drivers update from
the video card vendors to obtain full functionality of the mode. If you have
less than 128 Mb of RAM on your video card, expect blinking triangle artifacts
to appear on NVidia cards; on ATI cards you may see trees rapidly change their
color shade and/or shape as you approach them.

Hints and Tips: How to Improve the Framerate
- Do not set the screen resolution to larger than 1024x768.
- Disable full-screen antialiasing.
- If you suspecting trees or forests to cause the framerate drop, try lowering
the Forest parameter in the 'conr.ini' to 1, or even to 0 (that would make forest
to appear in less detail, but faster render).
- Lower the objects visibility distance.

Il-2:FB list of recommended drivers

1C:Maddox Games recommends the following video card drivers to be used with
IL-2:Forgotten Battles with the best graphics options. The sim may not function
properly with other driver versions due to issues outside our control.

Display Driver Version: 45.33
Release Date: October 9, 2003
WHQL Certified

Driver Build


- Corrected incorrect repeated playback error.


Corrected 3D sound engine by request of users, to prevent online sound cheating.

Users with a Sound Blaster Extigy card may need to deactivate the [Enables
Extensions] from the Sound Setup of IL2:FB. When activated, some jerky sound
may be heard when firing and changing views.

Users with the motherboard Asus A7N8X using the onboard audio card NVIDIA MCP2
(Chipset nForce2 SPP) may also experience these kind of sound problems, in that
case turn OFF [Enables Extentions] in Sound Setup.

FM and other tunes of aircraft

Further tuning is performed on a line of aircraft:
- All Bf-109s.
- Me-262. Be aware that aircraft should accelerate slowly to maximal speed.

- La-5/7 series climb rate.
- Increased critical dive speeds for some aircraft.
- Increased roll rate of P-40 series.
- Corrected radiator-induced drag program module.
- Decreased damage durability of I-16, FW-190A-F series and some others.
- Modified the appearance of the metal-finished aircraft to appear more shining.

- Increased torque effect on a number of aircraft. Still not enough, but currently
we have a limit for the greater and precise torque effect tunings.
- Fixed bug with automatic fuel mixture of P-47 series


All types of aircraft keep better formation in wayponts with decreasing of


- Added underwing payload variants for the P-51.
- Added ability to set up fuse timer for the Wfr.Gr. 21. To make the rocket
operate as it was intended in real life, set the delay to 5.0 seconds.


Added new types of messages in «eventlog».

1. When users switch On or Off wingtip smokes:
...:... turned wingtip smokes on at ... ...
...:... turned wingtip smokes off at ... ...

2. When users turn on landing lights:
...:... turned landing lights on at ... ...
...:... turned landing lights off at ... ...

3. When user changes the weapon or amount of fuel before take off:
...:... loaded weapons '' fuel %

4. When pilot successfully landed after bail out:
...:... (N) successefully bailed out at ... ...

5. Modified message 'was killed'.
Instead of:
...:... (N) was killed at ... ...
the new message is:
...:... (N) was killed by at ... ...
However, if the situation was generated by the aircraft itself (e.g., the pilot
was burned) or bailed out pilot was killed with the hit from the ground, then
the message will be in old format:
...:... (N) was killed at ... ...

6. When the aircraft was damaged but not exploded after landing:
...:... damaged at ... ...
This message is issued only once when the aircraft is on the ground (or not
yet in air, or just landed).

7. At the moment of player disconnection:
...:... disconnected
The time of disconnection in the messages of client and server may be different
due to naturally allowed timeouts for the connection loss situations.

Changes in Dgen and code of campaign, single and coop mode

When bailing out or crash landing over enemy territory, the player can now
sometimes escape capture. It depends on the location of the front line and the
closest enemy troops formation.

Other fixes and features

- Large custom skins (1024x1024) can now be used with the P.11c.
- Fixed a line of issues with incorrect radiator flap animations.
- Damaged MC 202 will no longer turn transparent.
- Added a line of USA and Great Britain regiments to use with the B-17.
- Added Japan to the list of available countries to use with added Japanese
planes. 2-letter code for the custom regiment files is “ja”.

Third Party modelers

Ilya Shevchenko - all new ground models and new Ardennes and Normandy maps
(Maps created with officially licensed to him tools).
Kelly Haugan - basic 3D model of B-17.

We thank for the great help

Jiri Fojtasek,
Ilya "Luthier" Shevchenko,
Kelly Haugan,
Park "P-kun" Joowon,
Shigekazu Hirao,
Mitsuhide Mori,
Ian Boys,
Thomas Spann,
Urs "Kimura" Klimmeck,
Howard Leveque,
Rafai Skibicki,

And many others.

We also thank for the help in beta testing all FB community and also personally

Sean Trestrail (real pilot who flew a restored P-51 as well. He sent us a lot
of materials that helped us make P-51 series alive in our sim),
Ian Boys (for the great help in accumulating of the test data from the forums
and personal test),
Dietger Pohl,
Steffen Trombke,
Wastel (This name is better known for the community),
Jan Niukkanen,
Jyrki Majamaeki,
Yury Puzynia

4 дек. 2003 г.

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