Моды для IL-2: Forgotten Battles v1.1 Full

IL-2: Forgotten Battles v1.1 Full

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После выхода бета версии патча 1.1 наконец-то вышел окончательный релиз данной заплатки. Данный файл - полная версия - устанавливать можно сразу на игру даже если у вас не было предыдущего патча.

Список изменений:

Changes and fixes in Perfect mode

Fixes after version 1.1b:
- Removed dark areas of terrain apperaing in the distance on some maps.
- Fixed mirror reflections looking overbright.
- Removed clouds flickering when flying with mirrors active.


- Corrected incorrect repeated playback error.


- Fixed incorrect playback on card supporting EАХ 2 (but w/o ЕАХ 1).
- Removed stutter and unexpected fadings.
- Corrected network telephone and network telephone track playback.
- Corrected playback order of music files.


- Further tuning is performed on a line of aircraft:
DB-3 and variants (Il-4),
P-39 and variants,
Bf-109 family,
B-239 and

- Revised velocity you can safely deploy flaps at.
- Modifyed damage penalties for when a propellor hits the ground – this will effectively damage the engine now.
- Radiator-induced drag is now caclulated properly in ‘auto/closed’ radiator mode.


Fixed a weird bug that caused Me-262 AI pilots to forget starting the right engine sometimes.


Revised the Ju-87 ‘Stuka’ bomb handling:
- When pressing the bomb trigger (‘Weapon 3’ button), the bombs are released in a conventional way, in pairs like on the other planes.
- Opposed to, when the dive autopilot reaches the recovery altitude, it dumps the payload as awhole.
- You now can adjust the dive autopilot recovery altitude with ‘Increase Bombsight Altitude’ and ‘Decrease Bombsight Altitude’ buttons, alike the level bombers bombsight.


Added two new event types for ‘eventlog’. One is generated when somebody kills a player descending on a parachute, the other one represents an event when his chute is damaged and he begins to free-fall to the ground.
08:01:46 7GvShAP300(1) was killed in his chute by 7GvShAP301 at 300248.72 97822.61
08:01:50 r01100(2) has chute destroyed by 1_Static at 252955.97 141074.05

Changes in Dgen for version 1.1

1. Su-2 spelling is corrected in all locales.
2. AAA removed from one Crimea airfield.
3. Cosmetic changes in templates (some planes moved out of tents, etc).

Other fixes

- Fixed a bug that allowed WEP with less than 100% throttle control during engine startup.
- Sun is not shining through instrument panel in B-239 any more.
- P-47 series have aileron trim, as they should.
- Fixed a glitch in artificial horizon in P-47.
- Ju-87 won’t be dropping bombs continuously when ‘Limited Ammo’ is switched off.
- Automatic mixture control in Ju-87now works properly.
- Added ability to control mixture for He-111 series.
- Fixed Yak-3 magnetic compass reading.
- Removed random spark plugs failures on cold engines.

5 сент. 2003 г.

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