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Civilization 3: Conquests v1.20

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* Corruption calculation error that resulted in negative effects from the Forbidden Palace is now correct.

* Double gold bug is fixed.

* Railroads will always appear under captured cities if you have Steam Power.

* PBEM Games can not be loaded in Single Player

* PBEM: v1.20 Games can not be loaded on earlier versions. Earlier saves can STILL be loaded in v1.20

* PBEM: Previous players Civ can no longer be seen when loading a PBEM game

* Secret Police HQ no longer gives corruption OR OCN bonus when player leaves Communism. Fixed error with Government required buildings not turning off once switched from that government.

* Fixed issue that caused scientific leaders to use only the first name in the list.

* Fixed issue that caused selections on the Foreign Advisor screen to be cleared.

* Fixed issue with the audio preferences (sound volume).

* Greatly improved the ability of Seafaring civs to start near the coast. It should happen most of the time now.

* Fixed numerous problems with Seafaring civs starting near the coast in hotseat games.

* Implemented Seafaring civs starting near the coast in MP games.

* Updated the interface on the world chooser screen so selected options were more apparent.

* Fixed upgrade all bug (for units that do not have the upgrade ability but are part of the upgrade chain).

* Added feminine titles for Despotism, Feudalism, and Fascism (for English default
rules only!).

* Editor: Added Flavors to the Import dialog.

* Corrected display of silk as luxury in city view in Rise of Rome

* Corrected Scourge of God splash screen art in Fall of Rome

* Build road/fort animations now show for Legionary in Fall of Rome

* Cataphract now uses Ancient Cavalry art in Middle Ages

* Corrected Mining tech art in Age of Discovery

* Fixed Random Civ MP Launch OOS

* Optimized main menu code.

* Cleaned up INI preferences code

* Updated Civilopedia.txt Forbidden Palace to explain that all cities are still affected by distance from the Real Capital.

* Updated Civilopedia

* Updated PediaIcons.txt

* Fixed Credit Typos

* Updated AI Strategies in Conquests: Mesopotamia - Galley (Naval Power), Enkidu Warrior (Offense), Rise of Rome - All legions (Defense OFF), MesoAmerica - Acali & Great Acali (Acali:Unload/Upgrade & Naval Transport, Great Acali (Upgrade Unit OFF), Age of Discovery - Javelin Thrower (Offense), Missionary (Capture, Offense), WWII Pacific - Fighter Bomber (Bombard!)


* Histograph keeps tracking defeated Civs

* Electronics requirement removed from Motorized Transportation

* Radio Tech removed

* Civil Defense requires Electronics

* Advanced Flight now requires Electronics

* Radar Towers require Advanced Flight

* MPTournament: Tiny & Small maps can be played with 8 players

* MPTournament: Map sets Oceans to 40%

* MPTournament: Map Trading moved back to Map Making

* MPTournament: Enkidu cost raised to 15

* MPTournament: Ancient Cavalry defense lowered from 2 to 1

* MPTournament: Captured cities retain culture

* MPTournament: Turn slices lowered from 24(base)/3(per-city)/1(per-unit) to 16/2/1

* MP: City goodie hut spawns are not possible in Elimination Mode

* Fixed QuickCiv Description

* Shifted minimap and unit info boxes slightly inward to prevent problems with scrolling and button-clicking.

* Re-enabled Intel optimizations from PTW.


* Implemented Allow Scientific Leaders Rule

* Implemented ability to enter a seed value on the world setup screen. It is located in the upper-right corner. Any character can be entered as the seed. If the seed is 0 (the default), it will generate the world normally. If every character is a number, the value is interpreted as the seed value and used to generate the world. In all other cases, a hash table formula is applied to the string to generate a unique value that is used to generate the world. While it is technically possible for two different strings to evaluate to the same seed, it is unlikely (i.e., SEED is not the same as DEES -- upper- and lower-case letters will yield different results as well).

* Implemented the "Play Last World" option. This option appears on the main menu after playing the first SP random-map game. When chosen, the player is taken to the world chooser with the seed filled in and all the previous settings selected. The player can make any changes or keep the world exactly the same. Note that if ANY changes are made on this screen, the map that is generated will be different. Next the player is taken to the player setup screen with all the civs and settings from the previous game
selected. Again, the player can make any changes or keep the settings the same. If ANY civs are changed, player starting locations MAY change (depending on the number of seafaring civs, actually).

* Implemented support for CAPS LOCK to work as the SHIFT key to skip unit movement animations (so you don't have to hold shift for the AI's turn to skip the animations).

* The MP timer values are now read from scenarios (the default values remain unchanged).

* Editor: Added MP timer values to the Scenario Properties. There are 3 values: Base, Per Unit, and Per City (with defaults of 24, 1, and 3, respectively). They represent the Base amount of time per turn + the amount of time Per Unit + the amount of time Per City (number of units/cities used each turn are based on the player with the most units and the player with the most cities on that turn). The values can range from 0-100. The higher the number, the more time per turn. The scenario MPFastCiv3Conquests was added to demonstrate this change. You may not notice much of a difference initially but the turns quickly become faster as you get more cities and units.


* City view is disabled while playing the Conquests. This was done because the creation of art assets to fit every scenario was considered a lower priority than expanded gameplay.

* City view art for the New Wonders do not appear in the City View screen. Sorry.

* Corruption is always going to be a huge debate but we hope you enjoy the changes that have been made.

2 апр. 2004 г.

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